April 21, 2021

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Audeze Isine 10:Ten Times your ordinary In-ear!

And When I said Ten Times your ordinary in-ear, I mean in everything whether it be Sound clarity or be it Price.

Audeze is usually famous for their magnetic on-ear headphones, Famously by the series Audeze Sine.

With Audeze Isine, Audeze entered the in-ear market,& The Audeze isine 10 is the first in-ear magnetic planar earphone in the market.

So let’s Dive in and know more about the same!

Packaging Box


Packaging Box

Package content includes the following items:-

  • A pair of earphones
  • 2 Pair of ear hooks & 3 pair of ear tips
  • 1.5m 2 Pin cable
  • Nylon Travel Case
  • User guide & Warranty card
  • Authenticity Certificate

Technical Specs:-

Technical Specs of the Audeze isine 10 are as follows:-

  • 30m Planar Magnetic Driver
  • 16 ohm Impedance
  • Frequency Response 10hz-50Khz
  • Sensitivity of 110dB/1mW


Design of Audeze isine is very unusual, Really unique to its kind, Having a 30mm Planar magnetic Driver Housing is quite big, Big for what an in-ear should be.

Audeze Isine 10 Earpieces

Despite being so huge in size, These are really Light Weight.

Also the earhooks makes them easier to hang on the ear taking the weight off the cable.

Some people might find issues with stock tips,they can opt for Spin Fit Cp-155 Ear tips,they make the earphones even more comfortable.

Sound Quality:-

When buying an earphone that is as costly as this, Sound quality is what that should be the best.

Audeze Isine 10 Earpieces

& Audeze isine 10 doesn’t disappoint even a bit, But for the best sound quality, it is recommended to use the cipher cable edition(For iPhone) as it has inbuilt Dac.

But I used it with a standard 3.5mm cable on my Fiio m6 for review purposes.

Earphones have a warm sound signature with kind of balanced sound at all ranges.

These have an adequate amount of bass, With keeping mids and highs everything in clarity, Clarity level of this earphone is on a whole different level of amazingness.

One can play some acoustic music or EDM music and get lost in the music at all with highs not being harsh on your ears even at higher volumes with enough thumps from the lower end, Mids while listening to vocal-based songs, Just close your eyes and you can feel yourself listening the vocalist live at your face.

Sound Stage & Instrument Separation:-

Being an open-back earphones, The sound stage is really wide, Which makes it possible to listen to the minutest of the detail in your music.

Such a wide sound stage, It gives you amazing instrument separation, You can easily identify different instruments even in quick songs of death metal genre.

Noise Isolation & Noise Leakage:-

This is a place where this earphone might disappoint some of us, Being an open back noise isolation & noise leakage is not that good & is average at best.


Being an open back these let in almost all the noise from outside and even will leak what you are listening to the people close to you(Obviously at higher Volumes).

The Isine 10 does the job it is intended to do really well, Along with a unique design.

Final Verdict:-

Balanced sound signature, Amazing sound clarity really makes it one of the best iem out there under 20000 rupees(approx 350$).

But being an open-back Earphone it has average noise isolation, so if you listen mostly at someplace noisy you should audition these first.

Thank You.