April 21, 2021

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AudioSense DT200 IEM Review: Smooth & Boring

AudioSense DT200-10

AudioSense has a good reputation for their exquisitely designed premium pair of in-ear monitors. I have heard a lot of positive things about their flagship T800 pair from friends in my local audiophile community. Sadly I never got a chance to grab a pair of T800 for myself or for review from anyone in my circle. A few days back a friend told me he is getting a unit of DT200 from Audiosense. I instantly showed my interest in trying out the pair, and luckily my friend sent me the unit last week. So I have spent an entire week with the Audiosense DT200, and now it’s time I share my views on the same.

AudioSense DT200-1


The AudioSense DT200 I received from my friend is just for the purpose of this review. My review is based on my experience with the pair keeping its price point in my mind. I am not paid or obliged by anyone to write a positive or negative review for the same. If you want to buy it, it is available with Hifigo for 149$ you can check more details from their store here.

Packaging & Accessories:-

AudioSense DT200-2

The AudioSense DT200 comes in a simple black cardboard packaging. The main attraction in the packaging is the included carry case. It is a pelican style hard case that is holding the entire contents of the package. There is our beautiful pair of IEMs sitting firmly into foam cutouts visible directly through the transparent case. Below it is a small cardboard packaging that holds several pairs of ear tips and a braided copper cable with 3.5mm termination.

AudioSense DT200-3

Package Contents:-

>One pair Audiosense DT200 IEMs.

>One 8-core braided OFC cable with 3.5mm termination.

>Three pairs of Silicone ear tips.

>Three pairs of Foam ear tips.

>One Pelican style hard earphone case.

Build Quality:-

AudioSense DT200-4

AudioSense DT200 has 3D-Printed high-quality resin shells with a metallic nozzle. They have a carbon fiber style faceplate that has a golden shiny Audiosense branding logo on the right ear shell and DT200 branding on the left one. The inner cavity is transparent, I can see the two Knowles driver units and acoustic tubes leading from them to the ear nozzle. Build quality looks top-notch, they sit firmly into my ears sealing my ear canal completely. I don’t hear any single environmental noise while using the DT200, they are a perfect-fitting pair for me.

AudioSense DT200-5

As for the accessories, the Pelican style carry case is really good. I can carry up to two pairs of IEMs in it without any trouble. The tips included are of pretty normal quality nothing special in them.

DT200 Pairing For this Review:-

AudioSense DT200-6

I paired the unit with my personal iBasso DX120 Digital Audio Player(Offline Flac files), with my FiiO Q3 via my Osiris MMCX cable(Bal 4.4mm termination) paired to my iPhone 11(Apple Music). I have also tested it with my Wife’s Honor View 10 smartphone(uses Amazon Music) for testing with smartphones. The AudioSense DT200 is an easy to drive pair, it sounded quite open with all the sources I tested it with.

Sound Quality:-

AudioSense DT200-9

The AudioSense DT200 features two Knowles BA drivers on each side. It has a very smooth neutral signature without any harshness or sibilance in any of the tracks that I tested. The lower end isn’t as engaging as a DD or hybrid driver IEM. With the FiiO Q3 and bass boost switch on, it increases the bass quantity but the output becomes muddy. I guess bass quality isn’t up to the mark. No such issue with bass boost switch off, or on iBasso DX120. The mid-frequencies are a bit recessed with boosted upper mids that bring the vocals up front. Vocals feel very engaging and crisp, in my opinion, the only good thing with the pair.

AudioSense DT200-7

The treble portion though showing crisp detailing, it rolls-off quite early in the upper treble that takes away some depth. The overall treble response is quite warm and smooth. I personally prefer a bit of sparkle in the treble portion which is not present here.

Lower End:-

The DT200 has a neutral lower end with a quick response. But the response isn’t as deep as from a DD or Hybrid driver pair. The mid-bass is quick, sub-bass doesn’t show enough power for my preferences. I can easily say the pair is shy in the lower end and might disappoint even if you are not a bass head. I have never listened to such low bass in Bad Guy from Billie Eilish, sub-bass feels literally dead with the DT200 no power there. Personally, I enjoy a bit of power in the lower end not basshead level, but I need some decent thumps which are not there in the DT200.


Mids is the only portion where the pair actually show some strength. It presents a very beautiful vocal clarity with natural tonality. Both the male and female vocals are quite engaging, with a decent airiness around the stage. Piano’s and acoustic guitars feel lively. Listening to live acoustic music is a decent experience with the DT200. I have enjoyed Damien Rice’s Blower’s Daughter, Hotel California By Eagles, and they sounded pretty enjoyable with the pair.


The Treble portion shows some good detailing but lacks depth due to the early roll-off in the upper treble. It is quite warm and soothing, there is no harshness or sibilance in any of the instruments including Flutes, Violins, or horns. Listening to artists like Tina Guo is a smooth experience. But as per my preference, I would love some sparkle in this portion. It sounds dull and boring as per my taste.


The AudioSense DT200 has an adequate wide soundstage with average height. I never felt low on headroom with the pair.

Final Verdict:-

AudioSense DT200-8

The AudioSense DT200 is a well-built pair with smooth sound output. It surely lacks the power in the lower end, but it produces some really beautiful vocals and a non-fatiguing rich clarity. Even though the treble rolls off in the upper treble portion, the pair produces some good detailing not perfect just good for casual listening. I would not recommend this if you like an energetic or engaging output as it might sound dull or boring to you, but if you like a smooth non-fatiguing output, the DT200 might be the right one for you.

I really wished I could like it more, but it’s just not the sound signature I prefer for myself. Though someday I will definitely give AudioSense another chance with their so hyped T800 model, hope it lives up to its hype and delivers an astonishing performance.


  • 9/10
    Build Quality - 9/10
  • 4/10
    Lows - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Mids - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Treble - 7/10
  • 7.5/10
    Soundstage - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Accessories - 7/10