July 24, 2021

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BQEYZ Summer IEM Review: Smoothly Energetic

BQEYZ Summer-12

BQEYZ is a brand that needs little introduction in the audiophile community. They got famous with the release of their Spring series of tribrid in-ear monitors featuring two models, Spring 1 and Spring 2. Spring 1 was originally released in 2019 followed by Spring 2 last year in 2020. BQEYZ has halted its Spring season for these two products and now they have started the second season of the year with their latest pair of in-ear monitors, BQEYZ Summer.

BQEYZ Summer-1

BQEYZ Summer features a similar driver configuration as the Spring series with minor changes such as an upgraded Balanced Armature unit. Instead of a 9-layered piezo-electric ceramic driver in Spring 2, Summer features a newly designed 5-layered piezo-ceramic unit. How has that affected the sound? Is it up to the mark of the Spring 1/2?? Well, today we are gonna find that out with today’s review. So, before wasting any more time, let’s begin.


I would like to thank Elle Zhou from BQEYZ Audio for providing me a sample unit of Summer in return for my honest review. All impressions based in this review are based on my own experience with the pair over the past few weeks. You can buy the BQEYZ Summer internationally through their official Aliexpress store. If you are based in India where Aliexpress is not working as of now you can contact The Audio Store for purchasing the BQEYZ Summer.

BQEYZ Summer-2

Unboxing The Summer:-

BQEYZ Summer has simple and elegant packaging. The outer cover has a soothing lavender-blue shade with just the BQEYZ and Summer branding logos on the front. On the back, we have the technical specifications of the pair printed in Chinese and English languages. I loved the lavender shade of this outer cover as during the summer season most people prefer soothing color tones, glad to see BQEYZ give such deep thoughts even for packaging.

BQEYZ Summer-3

Main contents of the package are in a plain Black box below this outer cover. First, we get a direct look at the pair upon opening up the box, sitting firmly into the foam layer. The bundled 2pin cable is packed in the zipper carry case at the lower portion of the package. Six pairs of ear tips are there right below the earpieces. The presentation of the package is simple and minimalistic.

BQEYZ Summer-4


>BQEYZ Summer Earphones.

>Six pairs of Silicone Tips(Three black, Three Grey).

>Zipper earphone carry case.

>2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

Design, Build Quality, & Fit:-

Earpieces here have a very simple build. The cavities are quite sturdy, they are made of hard resin material with a beveled design on the faceplate. They don’t look entirely plain as they have a sparkly glitter finish. There are three vents on the inner side of the cavities. The nozzle here is metallic and has an average length and width. Two-pin connectors are located on the top of the cavities and are beveled inside providing a secure connection with the cable. The cavities have BQEYZ and Summer printed at the bottom of the Left and Right earpieces respectively. Kindly look at the images below for more ideas about the build of the earpieces.

BQEYZ Summer-5
BQEYZ Summer-6

The cable feels of excellent quality to hold and use. It has an 8-wire build with metallic shielding around the connectors and Y-splitter. Connectors on the cable have R and L printed on the right and left sides respectively. I never experienced any microphonic issues with the cable.

BQEYZ Summer-7

In terms of fit, the pair fits perfectly. I have no issues in terms of noise isolation even outdoor. The pair sits firmly into my ears never faced any of the earpiece falling off. I use wide bore tips that I got with KBEar Believe. From the stock tips, I find the best fit with simple black tips as the grey tips have an oval shape that doesn’t fit me well.

BQEYZ Summer-8

BQEYZ Summer Amp Needs:-

BQEYZ Summer is an easy-to-drive pair. It ran off at adequate volume levels with my Shanling M3X at just 30/100 volume on high gain mode. I did not notice any background noise or hiss with the M3X, the pairing is just perfect for portable use. I also connected the BQEYZ Summer to my desktop stack, Topping E30+Cayin HA-1A MK2 Tube AMP. The pairing is phenomenal here, never had to go above 30% volume here at the lowest impedance mode(8ohm-32ohm).

BQEYZ Summer-9

In my experience with the BQEYZ Summer, it can be driven easily off your regular smartphones too(Tested for a brief while with Redmi Note 9), but as always I recommend using Hi-Res USB DAC/AMP or Hi-Res audio players for best performance.

Sound Impressions:-

BQEYZ Summer is a very impressive pair. Played my very first song on it, Hotel California by Eagles, and I just loved it. The instrument separation, the clarity, and the bass everything, just perfect. But there was an extra hint of energy in the lower-treble region, that was showing up in certain tracks such as Dreams by Fleetwood Mac(Cymbal Crashes). Then I put the pair on the recommended burn-in period of about 100 hours with short occasional listening sessions in between too. I felt the pair smoothening out that extra energy after the 25-40 hours mark. After the full recommended burn-in period, IDK whether it’s a placebo effect, mental burn-in, or actual changes in the pair, but the pair sounded much smoother than my first listen.

BQEYZ Summer-10

Sound Profile, Lower End Presentation:-

BQEYZ Summer has a W-Shaped sound profile with everything sounding pretty intimate and punchy. The lower end has deep impactful bass slams with decent enough sub-bass rumble to mark its presence. Sub-bass extension is also pretty good, it is not thunderous, but its deep presence can be felt easily in tracks such as Why So Serious by Hans Zimmer, each layer of the song is presented so beautifully that I played the track on loop for 4-5 times before going on to the next one. The second track here is Bad Guy By Billie Eilish, you know the bass punch that her songs produce.

Great thing here is that even with such punchy bass, the control of the lower end is excellent, Mids and vocals are free from any muddiness. In my opinion, the lower end has more emphasis on mid-bass with punchy slams that hit with every single drum kick.

Mids & Vocals:-

Mids have a crisp, detailed presentation with a touch of warm musicality. Vocals sound crisp and natural, without any veiled or shadow effect by thumpy bass. In fact, I find the vocals engaging and full of emotions. Listening to tracks such as I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle, the pain in her voice can be felt easily and not to mention the beautiful piano being played in the background. Second track I play is the Wish We Had More Time by Alice Boman, another fantastic track with beautiful vocals. Third track that I would love to share is Cannonball by Damien Rice, his voice sounds mesmerizing with a beautiful acoustic guitar being played in the background.

Treble & Instruments:-

Treble has an energy that I really love with the Summer. I don’t find Summer harsh or sibilant at all but it still retains some brightness in its signature even after the burn-in period that might put people sensitive to bright signature off. Instrument detail and separation are simply outstanding with the pair, even in complex tracks such as Snow(Hey Oh) by RHCP where multiple instruments are being played at once. During the first 30 seconds of the track where we get a beautiful guitar along with drums and vocals, the separation, clarity, and airiness between the instruments are exceptionally good.

I am actually yet to hear a pair around the 100-150$ range that has such a crisp presentation. Second track here is God Of War by Tina Guo, man you can feel the drums hitting right from the beginning of the track followed by an electric guitar and Violin, just an amazing experience. Another track I would like to mention here by Tina Guo again, Her Rains of Castamere cover from Games of Thrones. Rains of Castamere is actually one of my favorite OST tracks of all time followed by Light of the Seven from the same series. Again the Violin she plays here, I am literally out of words for her talents. Majestic might be the right word.

BQEYZ Summer-11


Soundstage is nothing grand, rather Summer produces an intimate presentation. But mark my words, the pair excels at it. The soundstage despite being intimate never lacks space for any instrument. Also, it has pretty solid positioning and placement of instruments.

Final Words:-

BQEYZ Summer gave me a new reference point for IEMs under the 150-200$ price segment. I simply loved its sound presentation, everything right from the powerful punches in the lower end, to the rich lovely vocals, From airy instruments to the energetic and detailed treble presentation. What I don’t like about the Summer? Well, I would be nitpicking in finding cons here but I would say the build could be better.

  • 9/10
    Package & Accessories - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Build Quality - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Lower End Performance - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Mids & Vocals - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Highs - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Soundstage & Instrument Separation - 8.5/10