April 21, 2021

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Campfire Audio Polaris V2 – The God Of Bass IEMs!

Campfire Audio is a very well known name in the IEM industry for its premium quality IEMs, built with outstanding craftsmanship and amazing tuning.

Polaris V2 is the second iteration of their famous Polaris series, which the company advertises as explicitly tuned for bass-heads or I must say, heavy bass loving people.

So let’s find more about the same.

Packaging Box


The Packaging of Campfire Audio Polaris V2 is actually quite good. It’s a cardboard box with different layers and an amazing presentation to your pair of IEMs.

Box inside the Upper Cardboard Wrap

When you open the Upper blue color themed wrap, you see a white box with Campfire Audio name printed in a designer manner on a white cardboard box.

Inside the White Box

Inside the white box what you see is a blue leather carry case with Campfire audio engraved on it. It also has a small white-colored cardboard box with accessories. The Polaris V2 IEMs are in the leather cover along with its cable.

The white box contains the other accessories which are as follows.

  • Two carry pouches
  • Three pairs of silicone tips
  • Five pairs of Final Audio E series silicone tips
  • Two Pairs of comply memory foam tips
  • Campfire Audio lapel pin
  • Cleaning brush
Accessories included in the package

The packaging is very neat and clean, all IEMs from Campfire Audio have similar packaging and accessories.

Technical Specifications-

Technical Specifications of the Campfire Audio Polaris is as follows:-

  • 5Hz–20kHz Frequency Response
  • 105dB Sensitivity
  • 17 ohms Impedance
  • Single Balanced Armature + tuned acoustic expansion chamber(T.A.E.C.™)
  • 9.2mm Dynamic Driver + Polarity Tuned Chamber™
  • MMCX Connector Cable

Build Quality and Fit-

Well, the Campfire Audio creates outstanding products with amazing craftsmanship and the Polaris V2 is also not an exception.

Campfire Audio Polaris V2 Earpieces

The earpieces are well built, all anodized blue colored aluminum shells with the traditional Campfire logo engraved on the corner of both the earpieces and three screw design on the shells.

There is a hole in both the earpieces that is for reducing the effect of dynamic driver reflex while you push the earpieces hard into your ears.

The build quality in hand feels very premium but I fear the blue color might wear off the edges with time.

Blue-Black Scheme on the earpieces

The tip of the earpieces is black in color giving the entire blue-black color scheme to the earpieces. To complement this the wire included with the package has black colored silicone sleeve to them.

The wire is a 4 core braided Y split wire with 2 core to both the sides. The wire feels premium and terminated at a 3.5mm L shaped plug. The plug has a Campfire Audio logo on top.

In terms of fit, the earpieces are of normal size and are quite lightweight. They sit very easily and firmly into the ears. And the fit is simply perfect.

Fit of the earpieces are very good for me

Campfire has also included the Final Audio E tips with the package. These tips make the fit very good and seal the ear canal completely blocking the outside noise.

MMCX Connector 3.5mm wire

With the Final Audio E tips, the fit to me is so perfect that it never falls off the ear’s even while running and working out.

Sound Quality-

Well, when someone invests more than 500$ at a pair of IEMs, the pair should have outstanding sound quality.

And to be very honest, the Campfire Audio Polaris does what it is supposed to do, what it is tuned to do.


Yes on a serious note, the bass out of these IEMs is so good and so full of depth, so amazing that even the smoothest of your songs will make you dance to its beats.

You will literally feel depths in drums you have never noticed before. You will be amazed by the pair and even with such depths at the lower end, there is no leakage of bass to the mids.

Like you will feel the bass and yet hear the vocals without any overlapping and it’s just amazing.

So let’s discuss the different parts of the audio frequency range:-


Lows are the area for which the IEMs are being advertised, and they live up to it.

The details in the lower end are just outstanding. The thumps of drums in Resistance by Muse literally kiss your soul, the amount of sub-bass in songs by Billie Eilish vibrates you to your very core.

But I personally feel like these song’s already have good amounts of bass so I tried songs by John Mayer to check the bass.

And Clarity by John Mayer showed some amazing bass thumps on the drum beats. The overall quantity and quality of bass and sub-bass is just superb.


When an IEM is tuned for such good amounts of bass, what one fear is if the bass leaks to the mids or not, but the tuning is just so perfect that you won’t notice any of the bass overlapping or leaking to the mids.

The vocals are perfect, even though a slight V-shaped sound signature the vocals are in the front and doesn’t feel laid back by the heavy bass.

Songs like Half of my heart by John Mayer or The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice feels really good with good vocals in the front and good bass response gives a feeling of depth to the musical instruments.

To be honest, I personally like some bass in sound but I mostly prefer vocal songs, like Damien Rice, or Covers by Boyce avenue are some of my favorites and I had doubts whether I will be able to enjoy my music with such heavy bass.

But to my surprise, the bass is superbly controlled and even add a layer of depth with the sub-bass to the musical instruments being played and the details are amazing.


Well, the highs are pretty settled and not peaky at all, drums and other instruments never felt peaky to me.

Music by Tina Guo like, The Wonder Woman main theme or The Apocalypse just feels smooth, there is no harshness of any kind to any of the music.

For me, the treble area felt quite settled and smooth.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation-

The Soundstage is adequately wide and deep. It is pretty good for any genre of music that one might enjoy.

Also the soundstage has a feeling of tallness, like one can literally feel the male and female vocals in a duet song on different levels on a horizontal plane.

And thanks to the brilliantly detailed tuning, the instrument separation is pretty good. One can easily recognize the placement of instruments in quick songs like In Mist She Was Standing by Opeth.

Final Verdict-

Well, as I love those extra punches in my music I am pretty impressed with the Campfire Audio Polaris V2.

The pair does what it is made to do, make your soul shake with those bass thumps with keeping your vocals forward and provide you with smooth treble response.

As I have never heard such brilliant details in my music with outstanding bass and smooth treble. I am in love with this pair.

Though I must say people who don’t like too much bass should refrain from the Polaris and try to save up and grab Andromeda’s the next in line by Campfire Audio.

Thank You.

Final Verdict
  • 9/10
    Build Quality - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Sound Quality - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Soundstage and Instrument Separation - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Fit - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Noise Isolation - 9/10