July 24, 2021

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Dethonray Tender1 Planar Magnetic IEMs Released

Dethonray Tender 1-3

Dethonray Audio is the only brand in the Hi-Fi audio gear industry that holds a high ground with just a few products under its name. The brand so far has released two products in the market, a high-resolution linux-based music player(DTR1), and a powerful portable USB DAC/AMP(Honey H1). Both the DTR1 and the Honey H1 are highly successful devices. A few days ago, Dethonray announced two upcoming products, DTR1+, an upgraded version to the veteran DTR1, and Tender 1, their very first set of high-resolution IEMs. Dethonray Tender 1 has been officially released yesterday featuring premium high-density aluminum alloy cavities and a planar magnetic driver setup. It is available to order currently with HiFiGo for 639$.

Dethonray Tender 1-1


Planar Magnetic Drivers:-

Dethonray Tender 1 features a 10mm Planar Magnetic Driver on each side. Planar Magnetic drivers are known for their pure sound reproduction with a natural timbre and rich, high-resolution tonality. There are only a few IEMs in the industry that utilizes full Planar technology. These include the highly acclaimed Audeze iSine and LCD series of IEMs and Tin HiFi’s P1 and P2 set.

Pure & Natural Sound:-

Dethonray has provided a smooth, highly detailed sound tuning to the Tender 1. The pair has a pure and natural approach to the sound, producing a full-bodied lower-end response with rich vocals, and a non-fatiguing treble response. Users are greeted with a sweet, musical sound output that complements different genres of music well.

High-Density Alloy Cavities:-

Dethonray has designed the ear cavities in Tender 1 with a high-density metallic alloy that effectively restrains the internal reflection of the sound and presents a pure sound output. The deeply optimized ear cavities produce a soft and charming sound that will be loved by many.

Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Fit:-

Dethonray Tender 1 earpieces have a carefully polished ergonomic design that makes the pair comfortable to wear and cuts down the external noises effectively.  The pair is crafted using cutting-edge CMF processing technology that perfectly combines the beauty of design with a metallic texture. It is available in two different color options, Jazz Black, and Sky Blue.

Dethonray Tender 1-2

Technical Specifications:-

>Impedance: 22 Ω.

>Sensitivity: 98±3dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Rated Power: 5mW.

>Max Power: 10mW.

>Max Distortion: 1dB.

>Interface: Gold-Plated MMCX Connectors.

>High-Purity Silver Cable.

>Price: 639$.

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