September 29, 2020

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HE150 PRO:-Classy And Elegant

When it comes to earbuds, almost every other pair is made up of plastic shells.

But today we got our hands on an amazing pair of earbuds the HE150 Pro, which is made up entirely of metal shells.

but does this 150 ohms pair of earbuds sound as brilliant as their looks?

Let’s find out.

Classy And Elegant


I bought this pair of earphones from the Penon audio store, on Aliexpress at 30$ at the time of review, I bought this pair solely for the purpose of personal use and will be using this unit for review here.


First of all the unit has been burned in for more than 30 hours before doing this review.

I used Fiio M6 and Nobsound TDA 1387 Dac/Amp for this review, while all the music here was streamed from tidal on either hi-fi or Master Quality.

Songs Used:-

For this review I played several songs from different genres which are as follows:-

  • Sammi meri waar :- Coke Studio Season 8
  • Fever :- Bullet For My Valentine
  • Heavy :- Linkin Park
  • Cleopatra :- The Lumineers
  • The Blower’s Daughter :- Damien Rice
  • Windowpane :- Opeth
  • Dying In LA :- Pray For The Wicked
  • How Long :- Charlie Puth
  • Lips of an Angel :- Hinder
  • Say My Name :- David Guetta
  • and more…


Packaging of this earbud is quite normal, there is nothing extraordinary here.

You get your pair in a simple cardboard box with HE150 Pro printed on a paper pasted on the front.

Inside of the packaging you just get,

  • A Carry Case
  • He150 Pro Pair of earbuds
  • 4 Pair of foam covers

Technical Specs:-

The technical Specs of HE 150 Pro are as follows:-

  • 150 Ohms Impedance
  • Dynamic Driver
  • Sensitivity of 103 dB
  • Frequency Range of 20hz-20000hz

Design & Build Quality:-

While most of the earbuds in the market are your common plastic shells of either MX 500 style or yuin one’s but here the case is quite different and the casing is entire metal, alloy of some kind.

Pair with My Source Fiio M6

Build quality is really good, the entire metal shell is of black color with silver color vents in the front and back of the bud.

Wire is a 4 core braided wire which has a black colored covering and it terminates with a 3.5mm plug.

Wire has a plain Y splitter at the split point.


Even though its an all-metal shell design the earbuds are quite lightweight and they fit really well, There don’t slip off the ears even while jogging or working out.

Fit is really good

There are no fit issues for me, in fact I don’t even feel them in my ears.

Sound Quality:-

Sound Quality for this 150 ohms pair of earbuds is really exceptional, It carries a slight V sound signature with a wide soundstage.

The details in instruments and clarity in vocals is really rendered well, with no complaints, even in quick songs like Fever by Bullet For My Valentine, one will be easily able to differentiate between different instruments.

The details in vocals really come out in The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice.

Earbuds definitely looks beautiful

Let’s Discuss about different areas of the sound frequency range:-


There are good depths in the lower end of our music with HE 150 Pro, EDM beats in Say My Name by David Guetta comes right in the feels.

But don’t expect Bass like those in IEM counterparts, it just have the adequate amount of bass and sub-bass to it for a neutral sound, It is not Bass Heavy.


Mids is actually where this pair shines with all its glory, the mids are settled.

Though this has a slight V sound signature, The mids are not too behind or something infact they are right on our face.

Listening to Senorita by Shawn Mendes and I can feel like I am listening to him live in front of me.

The amount of details in mids is really good, and the vocals are very clear.

Though the pair has a neutral sound, don’t expect thick and lush mids, mids are neutral and natural with no fatiguing even at higher volumes.


The treble in this pair is quite settled, there is no harshness or sibilance of any kind here.

In fact the sound is very soothing even at higher volumes.

The details are there again with good clarity, listening to Guitar being played in Lips of an Angel by Hinder is just an amazing experience.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

Thanks to the pair being an open back, the soundstage is vast.

To check the soundstage I played Starlings by Yosi Horikawa.

And again, now thanks to its wide soundstage and amazing clarity throughout the sound frequency range the instrument separation is very good even in quickest of the songs.

Noise Isolation:-

As expected from earbuds, the noise isolation of this bud is not so great.

You can easily listen to what the other person standing next to you is saying to you.

Though the pair is an open back, it doesn’t leaks much to the outside and the other person will not know what you are listening to until you pump up the volume to harsh levels.

Final Verdict:-

To be very honest, this is a very good pair of earbuds with amazing details and clarity.

Though one might need an external Amp to make this earbud shine properly.

This is a very good choice if you are into vocals based songs, artists like Bruce Springsteen, Damien Rice sounds amazingly well.

Since these are available for a price of 30$ only, you can never go wrong by investing in these as your next pair of earbuds.

Just stay away if you are a basshead, Mid centric lovers are going to love this one 🙂

Thank You

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  • 10/10
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  • 9/10
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  • 7/10
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