March 9, 2021

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Hifiman Sundara(2020): Photographed & Initial Impressions

Hifiman Sundara-1

Ah, finally I got the time to photograph this beauty. I know a lot of work has been pending on me but I really want to share this with you guys as the Hifiman Sundara is an absolute gem to own and experience.

Just to start I got this headphone early last month but I was not well at all during the last month and I actually picked it up earlier this month and have been a fan of this brilliant pair ever since the first song I listened on them, and that was Agar Tum Saath Ho from Coke Studio. Since this is a blog for eye-catching beautiful images of the pair and just initial impressions, I would hold my thoughts for the final review which I will be publishing really soon too. So let’s start with the images, shall we??


Hifiman Sundara-2
Packaging is quite simple and not very huge like those of Sennheiser’s pairs.
Hifiman Sundara-3
Beautiful Pair in Beautiful Silk Cloth.
Hifiman Sundara-4
Build Quality is Pretty good.
Hifiman Sundara-5
Open-Back Grills.
Hifiman Sundara-6
Build Feels Rich.
Hifiman Sundara-7
Light Weight and Perfect.
Hifiman Sundara-8
Earpads are very soft and comfortable.
Hifiman Sundara-8
The Headphone has Beautiful Looks.
Hifiman Sundara-9
Metal build gives some confidence.
Hifiman Sundara-10
Planar Magnetic Driver shining with power.

Quick Impressions:-

Aren’t these images just outstanding? The Hifiman Sundara is actually an eye-catcher with stellar looks and sound quality to die for. Yeah, it sounds superb, everything feels just perfect. Also, It can be powered from the FiiO M11 Pro or Cayin N6ii straight. I found Cayin N6ii to be a better pairing with it. The Planar Bass is a bit different from our typical DD bass, it is not as quick, but it shows powerful slam with good bass decay speed. The sub-bass portion is a bit shy, though the slams complement well with the other sections. Vocals sound crisp, natural and have a beautiful representation. Soundstage feels adequate for any genre that I have tested so far be it Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, or regional Bollywood music it sounds perfect.

It’s like throw anything at the Sundara and it will perform exceptionally well, nothing will sound harsh, no sibilance. It is actually one of the finest pair of headphones that I have owned to date and I am gonna keep these in my collection until these die maybe. Also, I am reserving more of my thoughts for the final review that I will publish in a few days as I get time.

The pair is easily available with various online sellers around the globe, I got my unit from Headphone Zone India at around 350$ price.