April 19, 2021

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IEM’s(In ear Monitors)

When entering into the world of audiophile,everyone comes across a term iem,so what does that exactly mean and how is it different from that of normal in ear earphones.

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TFZ My love II

Well basically iem’s are just another one of your in ear earphones that got a new name,there is actually not a single difference between both but audiophiles tend to use iem.

so whether you buy a pair of sennheiser cx 213 which costs roughly 800 Rs. inr(Roughly 12 dollars) or you buy TFZ My love II which costs roughly 4700 Rs.(Roughly 70 dollars) you are buying an iem.

Obviously there are differences between these two about which we will talk at a later time 🙂

Besides iems’s comes in different shapes and sizes,like the cylindrical shape of TFZ Tequilla t1 or the Basic shape of Sennheiser cx 180,as long as tips of the earpiece goes into in ear canal,it can be considered as an iem.

Also iem’s comes in different configurations like single driver,dual driver or more which we will discuss at a later time.

Tin audio T2 Paired with Fiio m6

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