March 9, 2021

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Kinera TYR: Photos & Initial Impressions

Kinera TYR-11

It’s been so long that I have been holding some products with me, that I need to finalize some reviews and some other stuff. But today I am planning to start something new, before putting up final reviews I am going to share a blog with beautiful images and initial impressions for the products. I am going to start this today with Kinera TYR, a budget-friendly pair of IEM with an intimate sound signature. Before I finalize my review which is going to take some more time, let’s share some beautiful shots.


I got this unit of Kinera TYR from Hifigo along with some other products for review at a discounted price. I am not affiliated with any brand/reseller to promote any product, and this review is my personal observation with the product. You can buy Kinera TYR from Hifigo here.

Kinera TYR-1
Kinera TYR Box with Carry Pouch and IEM.
Kinera TYR-2
Packaging Box back side.
Kinera TYR-3
Pair with Carry Pouch.
Kinera TYR-4
TYR with FiiO M11 Pro.
Kinera TYR-5
Beautiful Earpiece.
Kinera TYR-6
TYR with FiiO M11 Pro.
Kinera TYR-7
Kinera TYR with FiiO M11 Pro.
Kinera TYR-8
The TYR Pair.
Kinera TYR-9
Kinera TYR with FiiO M11 Pro.
Kinera TYR-10
A Beautiful Macro Shot.

Aren’t these images just fantastic?? I am literally amazed myself that this delicate simple looking pair could look this beautiful. But then again I am a good photographer too LOL. Well now let’s share the initial impressions for this pocket-friendly pair.

Initial Sound Impressions:-

Please note that these are my initial impressions for the Kinera TYR, my opinion might change after the burn-in period is over. Currently, I am planning to burn the unit for about 100 hours for the dynamic driver to open up completely.

The Kinera TYR sounds very intimate and crisp. The pair has a slightly V-shaped sound signature. The lower end shows a fast response with good thumps but initially, the quantity isn’t much. I am hoping it will open up after the burn-in period. The bass has good impact with decent sub-bass rumble. Mids section has a smooth warm feeling to it, with crisp vocals. The treble portion shows good transparency and detailing. Though the treble extension is not that great, the pair performs exceptionally well for its 30$ price tag. The soundstage feels average with good imaging.

The only drawback that I have found till today is the non-detachable cable. Though the in-line mic is pretty solid and provides superb voice transmission over calls.

The Kinera TYR sounds very decent and comes with high-quality Final Audio Type E tips included in the package. I am currently working on my final review and will publish after a few days once the burn-in is over and I get enough time with it. Till then stay safe, stay tuned with my blog, and enjoy good music.