October 26, 2020

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Mambuds Bragi:The Poetic Orchestra

So, one day I was just randomly surfing through an earbuds group in facebook when a picture stopped me and I just kept on looking at the picture of a pair of earbuds for a while.

The picture was a pair of custom-tuned earbuds, earpieces were printed like a snakeskin in different colors and the same was with the sleeve over the wires.

So without wasting another minute of my time I pinged away the OP regarding the post and ended up buying a pair for my own self.

The tuner gave me the authority to name my unit myself, Only one name came into my mind after looking at the pictures of my unit,

The Mambuds Bragi.

Mambuds Bragi

The best part is apart from choosing the name, The team will ask you for the color scheme you will want for your mambuds like you are in full control of what you are getting.


To get your personal pair of Mambuds you can contact the team at facebook at their official page here.

I requested the team to tune my unit for a wide soundstage and mid focused, so my review is based on the particular unit that I got tuned as per my needs.

You can obviously ask their team to tune as per your requirements.

Also before writing this review, I gave a burn-in period of about 120 hours to the pair.

Packaging & Build Quality:-

Packaging wise it was everything one would expect from a custom tuner, a simple package, inside it was a black carry box with TuneIn Audio sticker on top.

Inside the carry box lies your beautiful pair of earbuds and a few more stickers of TuneIn Audio, and a few pairs of foam covers for your buds and a wire organizer.

Carry box Contents

Build Quality wise it is a very premium pair of earbuds and you won’t be getting any of these in regular branded ones,

Custom printed shells with dual-tone 8 core braided wires and printed sleeves after the Y joint on the wire which terminates at a Five Strings Rhodium 3.5mm Plug.

The looks the feel is so premium that this pair might put your other pairs of earbuds at shame.

Fit wise the Yuin Shells fit me really well and I had no issues whatsoever.

Dual tone Wire matching the buds.

Wire is also of a fantastic quality, it is a Y split wire of about 1.3m in length, which is covered in printed sleeve beyond the Y Split point.

Sound Quality:-

As I mentioned earlier in the disclaimer, I personally requested the tuner to tune the buds as Mid centric and wide soundstage as wide as possible for him.

And oh god, the guy nailed it, perfectly.

You really need to experience the buds yourself to feel the wide soundstage of my pair.

Songs like Apocalypse by Tina Guo, you can feel the entire music being performed right in front of you on a huge stage, just mesmerizing.

Mids are really brought forward and in acoustic sessions the singer, the guitar everything is right there in front of you, performing for you personally in your ears.

Custom Printed Shells


Since these are a pair of earbuds, that too tuned for mids, I didn’t expected much details in the lower end.

But to my surprise there is good depth of bass, an adequate amount of thumps are there in songs like Say My Name by David Guetta.

But let’s be honest here and don’t expect bass and thumps like those in IEM’s, but for a neutral sound loving person like me, it carries enough and adequate amounts of details in lower end and you will enjoy your pair.


Since I have mentioned this pair was tuned as a mid centric unit, The tuning is just perfect in every aspect.

The vocals, the guitar in songs by Boyce Avenue are really brought to life here, I personally enjoyed them the most here in this pair of buds.

I can just close my eyes and I can feel the singer singing right here in the limelight in front of me.

One can easily feel the air moving between the guitar strings of Iron and Wine in boy with a Coin, just perfection.

For acoustic and vocal-based songs this pair is just perfect, feels like it was made particularly for this genre.


Highs are settled here and there is no sibilance of any kind in the higher end.

The details are retrieved properly even in quick songs like the Mystery by Dead by April, a really fun song to listen here.

Also, I would like to mention that there is no harshness, Treble is very settled here, not peaky in any of the songs that I have listened so far.

With one of my source

Soundstage & Noise Isolation:-

Soundstage, as requested, is very very veryyy wide, I just can’t explain in words how wide it really is.

It actually feels like an orchestra singing right there in your ears.

But since it is a pair of earbuds, the noise isolation is not that great and you can easily communicate with people near you.

Final Verdict:-

The Mambuds Bragi is a really good pair of earbuds, tuned exactly as it was requested by me.

So I can say that if any of you are looking to buy a new pair of earbuds, you must give the TuneIn Audio a chance, they tune just perfectly.

This is literally the widest Soundstage in an earbud that I have experienced till today.

These are simply one of the best earbuds that I own and will be keeping these in my collection forever.

Thank You.

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Final Verdict
  • 8/10
    Build Quality - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Sound Quality - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Soundstage - 9/10