August 3, 2020

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Moonbuds Nightingale: Best of the Buds!

Ever since I got into the audiophile community or I can say earbuds exactly, one name kept popping up again and again, Moonbuds.

Moonbuds is a brand owned by Moon Harvester in Vietnam who makes custom-tuned pairs of earbuds you can contact him here on FB to order a pair for your own self.

So without any delay, I pinged him on FB to get a pair for my own self and listening to my so many queries Moon suggested me to go for the Moonbuds Nightingale, One of his mid-tier pair of buds followed by the Super Nightingale as TOTL pair.

So without any delay let’s dive into this amazing pair 🙂

My package contents were something like this

Package Contents:-

The beautiful pair of buds comes in a package with lots and lots of foam covers for the buds, a leather case with my name written on it and a postcard from Vietnam.

Package was nicely packed and was received in India with no signs of damage in 14 days of shipping.

Build Quality and Fit:-

Moonbuds Nightingale houses the driver in a white-colored Yuin shells with Moon logo engraved on both the earbuds with a hand braided 4 core Silver plated wire which is covered in beautiful transparent and yellow covers.

The wire is a Y split type cable with Moon name engraved on the Y splitter and a designer cable slider which is very fancy looking and it terminates at a 3.5mm gold plated plug with Nightingale logo on the plug which really looks premium.

Designer Slider and Moon engraved splitter

Overall the build quality of the pair is really good and premium, even the foam covers included are of very good quality.

The pair fits me quite well and there are no issues even while working out at the gym or jogging around, the buds sit well in the ears.

Even while commuting, it sticks to your ears and will never fall off them.

Sound Quality:-

Moonbuds is usually famous for their fine-tuning and this one is not an exception.

I demanded Moon to tune it as a mid centric bud with a wide soundstage and the very first time I put these into my ears I somehow just knew these are made perfectly for me.

Though before writing this review I made my pair of Nightingale go through a burn-in period of about 60 hours.

The tuning is just so perfect with no fatiguing whatsoever, mids are brought forward, there is good enough thumps in the lower end and no issues in treble.

Pair Looks brilliant

The pair itself is very neutral with good details and clarity with buttery smooth mids.

Vocals feel like they are just smoothing through your ears with an amazing soundstage the music by Yosi Horikawa comes to life in this pair.

Let’s discuss different areas of the audio frequency range in detail.


There is a good amount of details in the lower end, the bass thumps have good depth.

Drum beats in The Greater Good by Nine Inch Nails are always on time, have good depths and don’t overlap other segments.

There is no leakage even in songs like Every day Is Exactly The Same by Nine Inch Nails there is no leakage into mids and beats feel perfect.

Even in quick songs like Your Betrayal by Bullet For My Valentine, you will easily be able to notice depths in the beats.


Since I personally requested Moon to tune the pair Mid centric, the tuning is just perfect.

And Mids shine with all their glory here, the vocal-based songs sound so brilliant here that I can feel the singer right in front of me.

Pair looks Brilliant with My Source Acmee Mf-01

Listening to acoustic-based songs like She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 and Acoustic Sessions by Boyce Avenue just sound brilliant and out of this world.

The feeling is really good and this is by far my favorite pair of bud till date.


Treble is settled and without any sibilance.

Even in the quickest of songs, you won’t be able to notice any sibilance or fatiguing whatsoever.

In songs like the Tear’s Don’t Fall by Bullet For My Valentine you will notice that even with quick music and vocals the details are there for every beat, every string struck, really loved the feeling with Nightingale.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

As requested the pair has an amazing soundstage and very good instrument separation.

Booming good quality music here

The soundstage is very wide, wider than most of my earbuds and those who even come close are open back one’s so they put the isolation at stake.

Songs like Timbres by Yosi Horikawa can give you an idea how wide the soundstage here is made by giving you a feel of big cans.

Noise Isolation:-

Even though we are talking about a pair of earbuds here, the noise isolation is quite good.

Better than most earbuds that I have heard before, it keeps us isolated from the surroundings though it is not IEM type isolation but it is much better than other buds that I have tried.

Final Verdict:-

This is simply one of the best pair of earbuds that I have owned till date which I don’t know if I can ever find a better version of.

And it lives up to its name of Nightingale, It sings and that too very beautifully.

Photo Shared By Moon

I guess only the Super Nightingale can succeed this pair but I have to try them out myself first.

I just know that this is the best pair of buds that money can buy under 200$ price tag.

If you are an earbud lover I would suggest you give the Nightingale a shot and I can assure you won’t regret it.

You can also look at other pairs of earbuds by Moon on his Facebook page.

Thank You

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