October 26, 2020

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Moonbuds Super Nightingale:- For The Love Of Mids!!

When I did a review for Moonbuds Nightingale, I knew that if anything that could be better than the nightingale will only be the Super Nightingale, the TOTL pair of earbuds, by the legendary Moon.

The Super Nightingale by Moon is a legend in its own. A worthy successor to the Nightingale, these earbuds left us awestruck just after listening to them for the very first time.

So, let’s find out about them in detail now 🙂

Carry Box for Super Nightingale


The Super Nightingale is a loaner unit I borrowed for this review from a good friend.

At the time of this review, the Moonbuds Super Nightingale is priced at $299.

You can order a pair of Super Nightingale or check out other line up by the Moon by contacting their official Facebook page here.

Packaging & Build Quality:-

In terms of packaging, the Moonbuds super nightingale came just like it’s other lineup of buds, in a leather carry box with Moon logo engraved on it and it comes with a lot of foam covers for the buds.

Moon also gives an option to its buyers to get there name engraved on the Box free of charge but my friend opted for a plain box.

Slider on Wire

In terms of build quality, the legendary Moon has really upped his game with the Super Nightingale, It comes with 4 core hand-braided cable which is of very good quality which is in Y split pattern while the Yuin shells are similar to the Nightingale with Moon logo engraved on both the shells and also there is a designer slider above the Y splitter.


Below the Y splitter, the cable is covered in a beautiful black covered sleeve which gives a very premium feel to the pair of earbuds and also will save the wire from cutting and tearing off.

Standard 3.5mm plug

The wire terminates at a gold plated 3.5mm plug with Super Nightingale logo engraved on the plug.


Fit wise, the Yuin shell earbuds fit me really well and I get no issues even while running or working out.

Earbuds fit really nicely.

The earbuds fit and sit back very nicely into my ears and are very comfortable for me.

Sound Quality:-

In terms of sound quality, the Moonbuds Super Nightingale lives up to the name of Moon, the bud is tuned purely mid-centric and good tonality and details with no harshness and sibilance in the higher end.

The pair is tuned specifically for mids and is one of the smoothest pair of earbuds I have personally tried so far.

Pair inside the Box

The mids, the vocals, the musical instruments they all are so detailed and so mesmerizing that one would just get lost in the beautiful sound these earbuds produce.

Music rendered or played through these earbuds is so smooth and good that it feels like the performer is personally performing for us in our ears.

But let’s discuss the different areas of sound frequency range in details here now:-


I know we are talking about earbuds here, and earbuds don’t produce the bass that is comparable to IEM’s.

Moonbuds Super Nightingale has good depths in bass but the roll-off is quite quick, plus they lack the rumble in sub-bass region.

I mean there are depths in drum strucks but it’s just, don’t expect too much rumble or vibrations if you are used to IEM’s you will feel there is very little sub-bass here.


Now, this is the place where Super Nightingale puts shame to the best of the IEM’s one might own.

The mids are so sweet and mesmerizing that sometimes I just got lost in my music, personally saying the Acoustic Sessions by Boyce Avenue never sounded so beautiful to me, it’s like I can listen to music all day long 24/7 and won’t even feel a bit of pain or harshness on my ear’s.

Mids are so good from Super Nightingale that IEM’s will run for their lives for vocal-based songs, Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer was so good here it just felt he was performing personally for me here.


Highs are very settled for me here, there is no sibilance or harshness in any of the music I hear here on the super nightingale.

Drums in Digital Bath by Deftones are really good and enjoyable here.

Be it fast songs like death metal songs by Death or Opeth, or any of the EDM tracks by Dance of the Dead, there will be no harshness and music will be smooth.

Soundstage & Instrument Separation:-

The Super Nightingale has an adequately wide soundstage. I personally am a craver for wide soundstage and my cravings got fulfilled by the Super Nightingale.

Pair of Moonbuds Super Nightingale

I loved the binural tracks by Yosi Horikawa on the Super Nightingale and have no complaints regarding the soundstage.

And since the bud is purely Mid centric, the instrument separation is just brilliant and outstanding.

Final Verdict:-

Finally all I can say is, The Moonbuds Super Nightingale is actually a totl pair of earbuds.

It performs amazingly well in mids with brilliant details rendering and smooth texturing to the music, it’s like throw anything, any type of music to the Super Nightingale and the pair won’t disappoint you.

It can easily leave behind many IEM’s priced way above its price in terms of details and clarity in mids and vocals. This feels like the one of the best pair of earbuds out there that money can buy.

This is my go-to pair of earbuds and will be getting a pair for myself real soon now.

Thank You

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Final Verdict
  • 9.5/10
    Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Fit - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Sound Quality - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Soundstage & Instrument Separation - 9.5/10