March 9, 2021

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Moonbuds Super Nightingale V2 Photographed & Quick Review


Earlier this year in March, I pinged Moon, one of the finest earbud makers to get some of his earbuds for my blog and obviously for my experience. Previously I have experienced two or three buds by him and loved each and every one of them I even shared reviews on my blogs. This time I really want to experience more of his lineup and asked him for some of his finest buds with natural tuning that he gives to retail customers. I ended up buying four of his finest buds. But they couldn’t be shipped due to the lockdown in my country due to rising COVID situations.

A few days before my shipment Moon pinged me and said, Pulkit would you like to try out the Super Nightingale V2. I was out of words, Super Nightingale is his TOTL(Top Of The Line) bud and I have previously reviewed the V1 of the same as a loaner unit from a friend. It is honestly speaking, one of the finest pairs of earbuds that I have tried, and Owning its latest variant was kind of a dream for me. So I instantly said yes and it was included in my package which was now being shipped in June. I received the package just after 4-5 days with express shipping via DHL thanks to Moon for that. If you want to order one of his buds or check out his line up just message him on Facebook at his official page here.

Today I am going to share my initial impressions and some beautiful photographs of the pair for some visual satisfaction of my readers.

First Let’s begin with the Photographs.

Visual Pleasure:-

Carry Case.
Premium Cable with Two Pure Copper Wires and Two SPC Wires.
Eye-Catchy Jewellery Slider.
TOTL Pair.
Simple Looking Yet Sonically Powerful.
Bud that Sings.
Unbeatable Combo with Cayin N6ii.
Super Nightingale Logo Printed On Termination Plug.
Musical Heaven.
Metallic Y-Splitter.
On a Rainy Day.
So Small So Musical.

Initial Impressions:-

Initial impressions I must say when I first put the SNV2(Super Nightingale V2) I felt like I was home. It sounded very similar to the beloved V1 that I had as a loaner unit before. So where are the improvements that I noticed with V2?? I mean the question arises whats changed in V2.

First of all, the V1 lacked bass, I mean it had quick, deep thumps but they were not much powerful. But here, It feels like Moon has particularly listened to its MoonBoy’s(a term he uses for his customers). The V2 has such clean bass, in such beautiful quantities that it sounds just perfect. The bass opened up after about 30 hours of burn-in period. And still, my unit is about 70 hours burned-in and it sounds very perfect now. Though I am gonna give it another 60-70 hours of burn-in before finalizing on the review. So the Bass is the part where I feel V2 has a much-improved performance over its previous version. And not just on the previous version I have never heard such deep thumpy bass in any of the earbuds before.

Also not to mention with improved bass, the musicality and sweet tonality of the V1 are there too. The vocals feel so crisp and forward, It actually sounds like having an A-shaped sound signature. Vocals are very impressive and make the pair sound really intimate. Though there is no lack in soundstage it feels just perfect for any genre that I have tested so far with the pair.

The pair shows beautiful detailing in the high frequencies. Instruments sound so smooth and detailed complementing my music really well. Listening to the piano in Unfaithful by Rihana, or Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin from the Bollywood movie Agneepath is so mesmerizing and bliss with the Super Nightingale V2.

The main attraction with the Super Nightingale V2 is the sweet tonality of the pair. I paired it with FiiO M11 Pro and Cayin N6ii, I can say that the Cayin N6ii and SNV2 is the sweetest pairing I have ever heard.

I feel like I have shared too much for initial impression LOL. But nevermind, after all its the Super Nightingale V2 we talked about today. Will finalize the review soon too once the burn-in is done, Till then stay safe, stay happy, enjoy some good music.

Thank you.