April 19, 2021

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Oriolus DPS-L2 Retro Design Latest Music Player Released

Oriolus DPS L2-5

In modern times we have switched to digital audio players as our portable source of music at home or on the go. Brands have been bringing us, hi-res players, with new and updated technologies. But today, a brand has released a new portable audio player combining advanced machinery with a classic retro look. I am talking about the Oriolus DPS-L2 Retro Cassette Player look flagship Hi-Res player. Oriolus might sound like a new name to western countries but it is a well-reputed HiFi audio brand based in Japan specializing in portable audio equipment such as IEMs, Audio Players, and Amplifiers.

Oriolus DPS L2-1

The Oriolus DPS-L2 is their latest creation designed as a tribute to traditional Cassette players with a classical mechanical look and design. The player is a collector’s item limited to only 999 units worldwide. If you are a collector and would like to get one into your collection, you can pre-order from HiFiGo at a price of 2199$.


>Traditionally Retro Design:-

Oriolus is known for the excellent craftsmanship of its products. The DPS-L2 has been designed as a limited edition product as a tribute to Cassette players. It looks exactly like a Cassette player with mechanical switches and a Cassette theme on the display. Heck, the Display cassette even speeds up when fast-forward or rewind functions are used. Sony also has a walkman with a Cassette player look but it comes nowhere close to the perfection of Oriolus designing.

Oriolus DPS L2-2

>High-performance ES9038 Pro DAC chip:-

For high-resolution audio signal decoding with great precision and quality, Oriolus has opted for a flagship-grade ES9038Pro DAC chip. It is a 32-Bit 8-channel DAC chip providing ultimate clarity and performance in audio signal decoding. The DPS-L2 supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD256 natively.

>2×2 way Analog Potentiometer for Independent Volume Control:-

Oriolus DPS-L2 features a 2×2 Analog Potentiometer with a mechanical sliding mechanism for independent volume control. Users can adjust the volume for each channel independently, helpful when you have to hear someone from one side haha.

>Dual 3.5mm headphone output:-

Users can share their music with their loved ones with dual 3.5mm headphone output ports on the Oriolus DPS-L2. Both the 3.5mm headphone outputs work simultaneously.

>Balanced 4.4mm headphone output:-

To match the current generation of hi-res players Oriolus has also featured the latest 4.4mm headphone output port in the DPS-L2. It offers a balanced output with improved SNR and Resolution ratings.

Oriolus DPS L2-3

>Hotline mute key:-

The Oriolus DPS-L2 features a HotLine Key with a press and hold mechanism. When pressed it instantly mutes the music and lets the user hear the ambient sounds. This is pretty useful when something comes up instantly and you have to interact with it.

Retro Looks, Modern Features:-

Don’t go on the classic Cassette player look of the DPS-L2, it is full of modern and advanced features such as USB DAC, USB OTG, 10-Segment custom EQ, two-way Bluetooth Connectivity, HiBy Link, Car Mode, and many more features.

Technical Specifications:-

>Frequency Response: 17Hz-20kHz.

>THD+N: 0.0015%.

>SNR: 117dB(SE), 119dB(Balanced).

>Resolution: 78dB(SE), 105dB(Balanced).

>Supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD256 natively.

>2.4” high-definition IPS Display.

>Two gain modes(Low/High).

>OPAmp Chip: OPA1612.

Oriolus DPS L2-4

Price & Availability:-

As I stated earlier, the Oriolus DPS-L2 is a limited edition product limited to only 999 units worldwide. It is currently available on pre-order from HiFiGo at 2199$. You can order and check out more details from their store here.