April 19, 2021

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QDC Anole V14 Latest 14 Driver Flagship IEM Available Now!!

QDC Anole V14-4

QDC has just announced their latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors, the QDC Anole V14. It is coming as a direct upgrade to the highly appreciated Anole VX IEMs. The V14 brings many new features such as special 3D Fluorescent face panels, 14 driver hybrid configurations, 16 different sound tuning with 4 tuning switches, and many more. The pair is bundled with a high-quality silver and copper hybrid cable with swappable termination plugs. It leads the QDC’s lineup of products with a hefty price tag of 2999$. Currently available on pre-order with HiFiGo.com.

QDC Anole V14-1

About QDC:-

For those who have never heard about QDC, they are premium audio equipment manufacturers based in China. They have a brief history in the research and development of police and military audio equipment. Currently, in the HiFi industry, they specialize in high-tier in-ear monitors with many successful pairs such as Anole VX, DMagic 3D, and more. QDC also is the brand with the costliest pair of IEMs in the market, the QDC Blue Dragon is a whopping 13,800$ per pair.

QDC Anole V14-2
QDC Anole V14-3

Key Features:-

14 Drivers of Awesomeness:-

The QDC Anole V14 features a whooping 14 drivers under its sleeves. It has 10 high-performance balanced armature drivers paired with 4 electrostatic(EST) units for unmatched performance It has a newly developed customized low-frequency unit that produces a highly-detailed ultra-low frequency performance complementing the other frequency segments.

Change Color Like A Chameleon:-

Have you ever heard of an IEM changing color? Well, the Anole V14 does so. It features special 3D Fluorescent face panels that change colors on absorbing light. It is like Chameleon of IEMs haha. Well, it changes itself from simple black face panels to bright fluorescent green face panels in a matter of minutes.

Patented Multi-Tube Frequency Division:-

The QDC Anole V14 achieves a interference-free clean sound output with 4-way frequency division using Multi-channel frequency division technology. They have utilized their own patented multi-tube filtering technology that uses adjacent frequency band crosstalk enabling a clean sound quality output.

Four Tuning Switches, 16 Different Sound Profiles:-

The QDC Anole V14 has four different tuning switches corresponding to the 4-way frequency division. One switch is for the lower end, one for mids, one for highs, and one for ultra-highs. With these 4 switches there can be a total of 16 different tuning options, and hence 16 different sound tuning options with the pair.

High-Quality Hybrid Cable With Swappable Termination Plugs:-

The QDC Anole V14 features a high-purity 12-core silver-copper hybrid cable with interchangeable termination plugs. The package includes 4.4mm Bal, 2.5mm Bal, and 3.5mm SE termination plugs. With such swappable termination plug options, users can easily use the Anole V14 with the source of their own choice.

Technical Specifications:-

Impedance: 12-20Ω(based on tuning switches).

Sensitivity: 105-108dB/mW.

Frequency Response: 10Hz-50kHz.

Noise-Reduction: 26dB.


QDC Anole V14 leads the product lineup of the brand with a hefty price tag of 2999$. It is currently available on pre-order from HiFiGo.

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