July 4, 2020

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Who said being an audiophile is always heavy on the pocket, Some of the audio gear actually comes at a very nominal price and perform better than many other costly gears.

Today we are getting our hand on a budget chi-fi pair of earbuds,

The RY4S Plus 32 ohm’s MMCX version.

Let’s see what they are capable of.

Pair of earbuds

Disclaimer:- I bought this pair of earbuds for my personal use based on suggestions from fellow audiophiles from Aliexpress, My review is based on a burn-in of approx 25 hours and vast use afterward.

At the time of review, The pair costs approx 700 INR (10 $ approx) on Aliexpress.


Packaging wise don’t expect too much from this budget bud, It comes in a plain cardboard box with just the pair of buds in a poly pouch and two pairs of foam tips for the bud.

Please note that we get plain black colored tips with the buds I used my personal pair of colored buds to use with the bud.

Also note that you won’t be getting any wire with the pair and you can buy any MMCX connector cable from Aliexpress itself, or use any other MMCX wire from your other buds.

In terms of packaging you don’t get much and to be honest at the price point we don’t expect much either.

Technical Specs:-

Technical Specs of the buds are as follows:-

  • 32 Ohm’s impedance
  • 20hz-20,000Hz Frequency Range
  • 95db sensitivity
  • MMCX connectors
  • Available in five colors Black, Silver, White, Pink, and Blue


For this review, I used two sources, One Fiio M6 Dap and second Nobsound TDA 1387 DAC/AMP sourced via Laptop.

All my music is in flac format, or direct stream from tidal Hi-Fi or Master quality.

Songs Used are:-

  • The Blower’s Daughter, Bruce Springsteen
  • The Scientist, Boyce Avenue Cover Session
  • Tear’s Don’t Fall, Bullet for my Valentine
  • The Man Who Sold The World, Nirvana unplugged session
  • The Diary Of Jane, Breaking Benjamin
  • Windowpane, Opeth
  • The Game Of Love, Daft Punk
  • Onyx, Scandroid
  • The Void(Acoustic), Muse
  • Closer, The Chainsmokers
Front Shell

Build Quality & Fit:-

Build Quality of the pair is actually quite good, though it feels plasticky.

It is a pair of MX500 Shells bud.

It doesn’t matter which color bud you choose the front driver unit casing will always be black while the entire body will be colored and gold-colored MMCX connectors.

Though the Build quality is not very amazing, but it’s quite good for the price point it is being offered for and they won’t feel cheap to you.

The earbuds fit really well

In terms of fit, MX500 Shells fit me really well and It’s the same with this pair too, I get a good fit and there are no fit issues whatsoever for me.

Sound Quality:-

Even this is a bud of very low price value, Sound quality of this bud makes it very rich.

It is warm sounding with good clarity and details at all parts of the spectrum and it is a mid centric bud so vocals are very lush and good.

There is no fatiguing of any kind and the sound feels so rich that once we put these buds into our ears, we just don’t wanna switch to any other bud for the session.

The Pair Of Buds


Since we all know we are discussing about a pair of earbuds here, we can’t expect the bass we get from iem’s, but the amount that is present here is quite good with decent depths.

There is actually good depth to bass , But the roll-off feels quite quick for the pair.


The pair is a mid centric bud, it has very good details in the mids section.

The vocals are crystal clear and thick and feels very natural to the ears, there is no leakage of either of lower end or higher end to the mids section.

Since it is a mid centric bud it feels really good to listen to vocal-based songs as it feels like the singer is there right in front of us(Obviously if we close the eyes and feel the music).

In my opinion, this pair really shines with all its glory in Mids and is better than many buds priced way above its price range.


There are good details in treble for the bud, the extension feels good, and clarity of instruments is just outstanding.

Listening to acoustic guitar by Boyce Avenue in his cover sessions is just outstanding, as the details are very good.

With such clarity the instrument separation is good too, there is no complaint of any kind in terms of sound quality for this pair.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

Even though this pair of bud has a closed shell, It has a quite wide soundstage and you won’t feel restricted in any of your music.

Listening to Binural tracks by Yosi Horikawa feels like bliss and there is good clarity too.

Thanks to its clarity it has good instrument separation too, you will easily be able to differentiate between different instruments being played.

Final Verdict:-

In my opinion, one can never go wrong by spending 700 bucks on this pair, 1.5k if you don’t have an MMCX Wire.

This is a very rich sounding pair of buds with great details and clarity.

With a good soundstage and instrument separation, this pair is better than many buds priced way above its price.

I would recommend this to you if you are entering into the audiophile world or you just wanna buy another pair of earbuds.

You can go for this one eyes closed, you won’t get disappointed.

Thank You

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    Fit - 10/10
  • 10/10
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