April 19, 2021

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S.M.S.L Launches DA-9 Latest Desktop Power Amplifier


S.M.S.L has announced its latest desktop-grade power amplifier, the S.M.S.L DA-9. It is a powerful, feature-rich device that pairs with your existing audio chain and provides tremendously clean and powerful output for your speaker systems. It has a price tag of 249.99$, you can buy it from HiFiGo.com.


Key Features:-

>German Infineon’s SiliconCarbide Amplifier Chip:-

SMSL DA-9 utilizes two German Infineon’s advanced technology Class D Power Amplifier chips. These help in improving the efficiency of the DA-9 and also helps in reducing the power consumption by the device.

>NJW1194 NJRC’s High-Precision Digital. Volume Control Chip:-

The DA-9 features a high-precision NJW1194 volume controller chip. It allows for precise volume adjustment with ultra-low distortion. This makes the DA-9 compatible with high-quality sensitive speaker systems.

>SMSL Patented SDB Sound Mode:-

SMSL DA-9 features eight different equalizer modes that help the user find its preferred sound signature. One of these is SMSL’s own patented SDB mode that allows one to finely tune treble and brass sections as per their preference.

>CNC Machined Body & Colorful Display:-

The SMSL DA-9 is made with a high-precision CNC machining process using aluminum alloy material. It looks rich and finely finished. It also houses a beautiful colorful LCD display on the front that adds to the already premium look of the device.

>Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity:-

Feed the high-resolution audio signal to DA-9 with a wireless Bluetooth input option. It supports the latest Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with high-res AptX, UAT, codec support providing a smooth, stable, lag-free experience.

>Infrared Remote Control:-

SMSL DA-9 comes with a Infrared remote control that can be used to control different operation on the device.

Technical Specs:-

>THD+N: 0.003%.

>SNR: 111dB.

>Channel Separation: 96dB.

>Input Impedance: 250mV/47kΩ.

>Output Power: 150Wx2(2Ω), 90Wx2(4Ω), 50Wx2(8Ω).

>Power Consumption: 40W(Normal Volume).

>Standby Power: 0.5W.

>Dimension: 187.5x154x40mm(WxHxD).

>Weight: 0.96Kg.

>Weight(With Package): 1.46Kg.

>Hi-res Certified.

Price & Availability:-

The SMSL DA-9 has a price tag of 249.99$, it is available to purchase from HiFiGo they ship internationally. Check out more details on their store.