April 19, 2021

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SeeAudio Anou IEM Review: Perfection Under 200$?

SeeAudio Anou-12

When I first heard of SeeAudio a few weeks back I was super hyped to try out their very first pair of in-ear monitors, the SeeAudio Anou. I was actually approached by a very good friend of mine who was organizing a review tour for this IEM here in my country. As the pair reached me about a week back, the pair got released internationally with the name of SeeAudio Yume. Both the Yume and Anou are the same product from SeeAudio. They just have different faceplate designs. The Anou was released a while back in mainland China and it has got superb reviews from the people who got to try it early. The pair rocks a triple driver hybrid setup with very beautifully designed earpieces. It is available to purchase from HiFiGo for just 169$. Let’s begin with the review.

SeeAudio Anou-1


Well, I guess this is their debutant pair in the market so the brand also needs an introduction. SeeAudio is a new brand focused primarily on combining creative frequency response adjustments to create exquisite looking, elegant sounding earphones. The core team consists of professional acoustic engineers with many years of experience in the development and production of customized earphones. Their very first pair, the See Audio Anou right here is said to follow the Harman Target Curve. Let’s find out how it performs. You can contact SeeAudio on their FB page here.


I got the unit as part of a review circle organized here by SeeAudio themselves. I am not affiliated or paid by anyone to write positive or negative about the pair. All the thoughts, impressions in this review are my own impressions made after listening to the pair throughout the last week. I would like to thank SeeAudio for seeing the potential in me and making me a part of the review tour.

Packaging & Accessories:-

SeeAudio Anou-2

By the time the unit landed in our country, the retail packaging was not ready for Anou. So I got just the earpieces, three pairs of ear tips, and a 4-core braided copper cable. The case in the shots used in this review is my personal belonging and won’t be a part of the final packaging. As per the brand, the Anou/Yume will be bundled with four pairs of silicone ear tips and two pairs of foam tips. About the case, I have no information provided to me.

Build Quality:-

The Anou is a very beautiful looking pair of in-ear monitors with black ergonomic earpieces. There is a glittery dual-color pattern on the faceplates with orange and green shade along with the SeeAudio branding logo on the left earpiece and Anou on the right. The earpieces look like they are 3D printed and are made up of Resin material. They have a vent near the two-pin connectors to neglect any DD driver flex. The aluminum nozzle is of a short size so the penetration isn’t too deep in the ear canal. The pair overall looks quite amazing and eye-catchy.

SeeAudio Anou-3
SeeAudio Anou-4
SeeAudio Anou-5

About the bundled cable, it is very soft and has a metallic Y-cable splitter.  The 3.5mm Termination Plug also has See Audio branding printed on the casing of it.


With a small nozzle, the earpiece doesn’t go deep into your ears. It actually sits firmly on the outer side of the ear canal, though to my surprise the noise isolation is quite good. I got a very good fit but I doubt for fit with people with small ears as the earpiece fit my medium-sized ears completely. Other than that no complaints here from my side.

Driving The SeeAudio Anou:-

The SeeAudio Anou is quite easy to drive. It has 108dB sensitivity at 32Ω impedance ratings. For the purpose of this review, I used the pair with my smartphone Honor View 10, my hi-res player iBasso DX120, and my desktop Topping E30+L30 stack, and here are my findings.

With Honor View 10 Smartphone:-

I had to push the volume for about 80% and the pair sounds decent. But to be honest, it lacked extensions at both ends with this pairing. The volume was adequate but I felt the lack of extensions as with other sources.

With iBasso DX120:-

SeeAudio Anou-6

The player rocks the pair at just 50% volume. Bass feels deep and punchy, also the treble extensions are just fabulous here. Plus the pairing here has a cleaner background as compared to the smartphone only. The DX120 is not a very powerful player, but it surely powers the pair well. So I would suggest getting at least a hi-res player for using the Anou to its full potential.

With Topping Stack:-

SeeAudio Anou-7

Some of us might think that this is overkill for an IEM with such low power requirements. Well, I thought the same but L30 features -9dB low gain so why not try the pairing. With the Topping Stack, the combo is just superb, the background is super clean, there is no background noise, the bass punch is real. Though the main difference between the other two pairings is the staging. The soundstage actually opens up here though the pair has more depth to its stage than the width and it’s pretty evident with this combo. Loved this combo the most.

Sound Quality:-

SeeAudio Anou-8

In terms of sound quality, the Anou is quite a transparent pair with a neutral sound response. I loved how precise the bass slams drops and with such a rich texture. It actually compliments the other frequencies very well. The mid-portion shows a great sense of airiness and depth. Both the male and female vocals stand out with a rich sense of lushness, I just loved listening to my favorite track by Damien Rice, The Blower’s Daughter. The treble portion is a bit laid back providing a smooth non-fatiguing response even in complex tracks like Dani California by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Simply loved the overall sound output for its smooth non-fatiguing presentation.

Lower End:-

The real lower end opens up when paired with a better source such as DX120 or the E30+L30 combo. It feels quite punchy and has an emphasis on the mid-bass region. doesn’t sound overdone by any means. I noticed the bass slams were precise and controlled well within its region. They were brought out quite beautifully whenever the drum kicked in Instant Crush by Daft Punk. Sub-bass is a bit shy though comes out in bass-heavy tracks like the Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.


The midsection is quite natural and transparent. It produces an amazing sense of airiness on the stage that makes acoustic instruments, Pianos sound beautiful and detailed. The acoustic guitar in Heart Full Of Wine by Angus & Julia Stone sounds pretty detailed, simply loved it. For vocals, I found that both the male and female vocals stand out in the pair, and conveys the emotions well. When Yao Si Ting sings Speaks Softly My love, I just get lost in her voice, simply magical.


The higher frequencies are presented in a laid back manner, but that doesn’t make the pair boring in any way. It retrieves crisp detailing in instruments, just that there is no sibilance or fatiguing in Violins, Electric Guitars, or mouth organs. With the SeeAudio Anou, I was able to listen to music for hours on a single sitting without getting tired.

Soundstage and Imaging:-

I loved the soundstage representation of the SeeAudio Anou. It has more depth to it rather than width and presents a very beautiful airy stage for your music to shine on. In terms of dynamics, the pair performs quite well and shows good imaging/layering characteristics.

SeeAudio Anou-9

Final Verdict:-

For just 169$, I just can’t believe how well the SeeAudio Anou performs. It has a bit of shyness in the sub-bass portion and a slight bit of roll-off in the upper treble portion, but that doesn’t stop the pair from performing. It performed quite well for the genres that I prefer(Rock, Pop, Indian Regional, Vocals) and presented me with a relaxed non-tiring sound response. I would recommend the Anou eyes closed for its super smooth music presentation. Now on to some comparisons.

SeeAudio Anou Vs Etymotic ER2XR:-

SeeAudio Anou-10

>Both will have their own fit issues with the users as one deeply penetrates(ER2XR) and the other sits on the outer cavity of your ear(Anou). Anou might give fit complaints with users with small ears, People might not consider deep penetrating ER2XR as it takes a few days to adjust to it.

>The Anou presented a better soundstage with a good sense of depth while the ER2XR had a narrower stage presentation.

>The ER2XR produces a more natural response, better sub-bass while the Anou presents a more fun and smoother presentation.

SeeAudio Anou Vs BGVP DM7:-

SeeAudio Anou-11

>The DM7 has an aggressive sound as compared to the Anou.

>DM7 produces better bass extensions.

>Anou sounds smoother while the DM7 sounds brighter.

>DM7 costs almost double the Anou.

Final Scores
  • 9.5/10
    Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Fit - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Lower End - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Mids - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Highs - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Soundstage - 8.5/10