July 24, 2021

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Soncoz SGA1 Latest Fully Balanced Headphone AMP & Pre-AMP

Soncoz SGA1-4

Last year, Soncoz introduced two high-resolution fully balanced Desktop DAC’s in the market, the LA-QXD1, and the SGD1. Both the products became huge successes with their impeccable sound quality and sturdy build. Today, Soncoz has released its latest product, but this time it’s not a DAC, rather this time the brand has released a fully-balanced headphone amplifier, the Soncoz SGA1.

Soncoz SGA1-1

SGA1 not only has a similar name to the SGD1, but it is also in fact designed to match the flagship SGD1 DAC from Soncoz. The SGA1 has the same look, aesthetics, and dimensions as that of the SGD1. It features a fully balanced architecture with XLR for signal input and pre-amp-out, with 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm balanced headphone output. SGA1 also supports single-ended RCA input/output and 6.35mm single-ended headphone output. It is launched at a price tag of 649.99$.

Soncoz SGA1-2

Key Features:-

Ultra-Low-Noise OP-AMP Architecture:-

Soncoz has designed the amplification section on the SGA1 with carefully selected high-performance OP-AMPs. The player features multiple units of OPA1611, OPA1641, OPA1622 to ensure excellent performance with the SGA1. Among these, RCA and XLR analog input buffers use 4 OPA1661s, electronic output butter uses 2 OPA1641s, Pre-output buffer uses 4 OPA1611s, and HPA output buffer uses 4 OPA1622s. You are provided with nothing else but high-quality sound output for your High-Resolution headphones.

Precise Volume/Gain Adjustment:-

Soncoz SGA1 integrates MUSES72320 electronic volume adjustment resistance ladder circuit that allows for precise volume and gain adjustment with low noise and low distortion in the output. It has 0.25dB/step volume increase when gain=0, and 0.5/dB when gain is not 0. Adjustment range of Volume is -110.75dB~0dB. Gain adjustment is 0.5dB/step with an adjustment range of -6dB~0dB for HPA and -7dB~0dB for Pre-AMP.

Memorize Volume/Gain Combination:-

Soncoz SGA1 features a memory function that memorizes the volume and gain value of each combination of input and output independently. You won’t have to adjust the volume and gain settings every time you switch between HPA or PRE mode. These settings won’t be lost even when the device is powered off.

Mute Output & Standby Function:-

If you want to mute the output and put the SGA1 into standby mode, simply press the knob button once. It will mute the SGA1 and the “V” or “G” will flash on the screen. After about 40 seconds the screen will gradually dim until it goes out and the device falls into standby mode.

Audiophile-Grade Performance With High-Quality Components:-

Soncoz has designed SGA1 with high-quality components to ensure high-quality performance. The rectifier circuits of SGA1 use two large capacity(8200uF*2) ELNA audio capacitors to ensure the ultra-low ripple voltage of the main power supply. In the key audio signal path, SGA1 uses WIMA MKS2 series non-polar film coupling capacitors that greatly improve the quality of the audio signal.

Clean Power With Toroidal Transformer:-

Soncoz SGA1 is powered by a custom toroidal transformer containing multiple layers of permalloy shielding. The 50/60Hz power frequency noise and its harmonics are significantly reduced providing clean, distortion-free power to the different components on the circuit.

Available in Two Different Color Options:-

Soncoz SGA1 is released in two different color options, Deep Black and Deep Silver. The Deep Silver matches the design and aesthetics of the flagship SGD1 Balanced DAC by Soncoz. The SGA1 is designed to be a companion to the SGD1, completing a fully balanced headphone and pre-amp stack.

Soncoz SGA1-3

Technical Specifications:-

Headphone Amplifier Parameters(SE):-

>THD+N: <117dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Dynamic Range: <124dB.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: <92dB.

>Crosstalk: <118dB.

>Output Voltage: 4.0Vrms.

>Output Impedance: 0.1 ohm.

>Noise: 1.8uVrms.

>Output Power: Up to 420mW @33 ohm, up to 210mW @300 ohm, up to 105mW @600ohm.

Headphone Amplifier Parameters(Balanced):-

>THD+N: <118dB.

>Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Dynamic Range: <126dB.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: <91dB.

>Crosstalk: <120dB.

>Output Voltage: 7.8Vrms.

>Output Impedance: 0.05 ohm.

>Noise: 3.6uVrms.

>Output Power: Up to 420mW @33 ohm, up to 840mW @300ohm, up to 420mW @600ohm.

Pre-Output Parameters(RCA):-

>THD+N: <117dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Dynamic Range: <126dB.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: <95dB.

>Crosstalk: <132dB.

>Output Voltage: 2.0Vrms.

>Output Impedance: 100ohm.

>Noise: 1.5uVrms.

Pre-Output Parameters(XLR):-

>THD+N: <118dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Dynamic Range: <126dB.

>Signal To Noise Ratio: <94dB.

>Crosstalk: <136dB.

>Output Voltage: 4.0Vrms.

>Output Impedance: 200ohm.

>Noise: 3.0uVrms.

News Source:-

HiFiGo. You can purchase it from their store for 649.99$.