February 27, 2021

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TFZ My Love II Vs Magaosi K3:Which is better?

In the audiophile world two names are very famous, The Fragrant Zither(Commonly Known as TFZ) & Magaosi.

Both are very famous among the audiophiles for their iems under 100-200 dollar mark.

Today we will be comparing two of their models, both under the 100 dollar mark, The TFZ My Love II & Magaosi K3.

So let’s start 🙂

Ear Pieces

Technical Specs:-

  • The Magaosi K3 houses a triple driver having two Balanced Armature units & one Dynamic Driver while the TFZ My Love II houses a 12 mm Dual Magnetic Graphene Driver unit.
  • Impedance of Magaosi K3 is 28 ohms while the same stands at 16 ohms for TFZ My Love II.
  • Frequency Range of Magaosi is 20hz-20Khz while the later has a frequency range of 5hz-40Khz.
  • Magaosi K3 uses an MMCX Connector cable while the later uses a 2-Pin(0.78mm) Connector cable to the earpieces.
  • Plug for included cable for both the earphones is the standard 3.5mm socket plug.


At the time of this comparison Tfz My love II is available at a price of 73 dollars at Aliexpress & Magaosi K3 is available at 70 dollars approx.

So almost the same pricing for both but both the iem’s carry different driver setups,Let’s Find Out how much different are they from each other in different aspects.

Design & Fit:-

In terms of design the TFZ My Love II looks way much better, but to own its own, this is just my opinion but you can see for yourself in the pictures below.

TFZ My Love II
Magaosi K3

TFZ My Love II is an amazing looking earphone which comes in glittery plastic shell, while magaosi k3 is just a simple looking earphone housing a glossy plain plastic.

Despite being bigger in size TFZ My Love II is very lightweight,it is so light that one won’t even notice it being in-ear for hours.

Fit is something that should be good to enjoy an iem, as if fit is not good the earpieces will keep on falling off the ears & One won’t be able to enjoy music properly.

On the other hand, Magaosi K3 houses a simple shape, which just sits around fairly easily in your ear.

Fit wise both the earphones are good, with TFZ My Love II being the better among the two.

Sound Quality:-

Sound quality is what we all crave for, and luckily both the earphones don’t disappoint here, but both do their own thing.

2-Pin Connector cable of TFZ My Love II with MMCX Connector cable of Magaosi k3

TFZ is a brand which is usually famous for their boomy bass sound signature & My Love II is no exception,it fills our souls with good amount of bass.

My Love II has a bright sound signature, so one might have to tune down the highs a bit in equalizers for the sibilance in treble.

But let’s discuss both the earphones as different parts of the frequency range.


Being a Bright earphone, Treble is kind of harsh with TFZ My Love II,one might have to use equalizer to control treble.

Treble actually settles down quite a bit after a burn-in period of approx 20-25 hours, but people who are sensitive to sibilance in treble might find an issue.

On the other hand Magaosi K3 is a warm sounding earphone,treble is so settled down in it that one might not feel any bit of sibilance even at higher volumes.

Being so smooth in highs, Magaosi K3 is a very clear, and clarity is really good.


TFZ My Love II has a slightly U shape sound signature so nothing is being laid back,everything in mids comes right at our face.

Really good for vocals, TFZ My Love II puts the vocalist right in front of us, with good emphasis on voice.

Mids also need burn-in time for TFZ My Love II otherwise vocals feel thin at the beginning.

Carrying a V shaped sound signature, The Magaosi K3 lays mids back a bit,vocals are not directed at our face.

Sometimes while listening to vocal-based songs, it feels like the singer is behind a curtain or something & we are listening through it.

But the best part here about the Magaosi k3 is that it carries really good clarity all around the frequency range, vocals feels crystal clear.


Now this is the place for what TFZ,as a brand is actually famous for.

TFZ My Love II carries good amount of thumps, amazing amount of sub-bass,one can literally feel bass thumps without any tuning in the equalizer.

Even if bassheads try to tune the equalizer for more thumps, bass doesn’t feel overpowered here.

On the other hand Magaosi K3 kind of lack a bit here, one might have to tune the equalizer for proper heavy thumps, even then K3 might lack the depth of thumps that TFZ My Love II has.

Instrument Separation & Sound Stage:-

Both the earphones here have closed body units, despite that soundstage is quite good but not as good as those of open backs.

Magaosi K3 with my source Dap

Instrument separation is quite good in both the earphones, thanks to their clarity.

one can easily differentiate between different instruments being played even in quick songs.

Noise Isolation & Noise Leakage:-

Both the earphones being a closed body design, are really good at noise isolation so you won’t be listening to your atmosphere at all.

Closed body housing ensures no music gets leaked to your surroundings as well, so there’s no noise leakage in both the earphones.

Final Verdict:-

Verdict is kind of clear both do their own things, and both are really good at it.

Now it’s up to you what sound signature do you prefer for yourself.

If you are a basshead, listens to mostly vocal-based songs, get a TFZ My Love II but also be aware of sibilance in its treble.

If you want a clearer earphones, which plays everything you throws at it with amazing clarity, has a soothing sound signature, get yourself a Magaosi K3.

Thank You.