April 21, 2021

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The Fragrant Zither

This brand is famous in chi-fi iem market by the name of TFZ, mostly famous for its boomy bass type sound signature.

The Fragrant Zither

TFZ is mostly famous because most of its products come under the 100-200 dollar price tag(talking about the flagship models here) with superior sound quality, boomy bass, good fit and also amazing packaging.

Packaging is also a good part of TFZ as they always ship their products in a very nice packaging box, along with all the accessories.

You can buy products from their store at the AliExpress online portal or Penon Audio online portal, usually shipped within 24 hours.

Famous models:-

  • Tequilla 1
  • My love Series
  • Secret Garden
  • King Pro series

And there are other many quality products as well. If you are an audiophile and really like a heavy bass sound signature, you can consider getting products from The Fragrant Zither.

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