April 19, 2021

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Tipsy Blue Aurora Review: Your Typical BA IEM

Tipsy Blue Aurora-7

A few days back I published a review for the Tipsy Dunmer. I actually got two products from the review circle, the Tipsy Dunmer, and the Tipsy Blue Aurora. Today I am gonna share my impressions of the single BA offering, the Tipsy Blue Aurora.

Tipsy Blue Aurora-1

Tipsy Blue Aurora:-

The Tipsy Blue Aurora is a single Balanced Armature driver IEM, an entry-level offering from the brand. Yes, you heard it right the Tipsy Blue Aurora is the budget offering from the brand priced at just 75$. The beautifully designed earpieces are identical to that of Dunmer’s. The only difference being the Blue Aurora earpieces have as the name suggests Blueish faceplates while the Dunmer earpieces have black faceplates. You can order one for yourself from Linsoul.com.


I received both the Tipsy Dunmer and the Tipsy Blue Aurora as a part of the review circle organized by the brand in my country. All impressions in this review are my own which I have noted keeping its price point in my mind. I am not affiliated with any brand to write positive or negative about the products.

Build Quality:-

The Tipsy Blue Aurora has really beautiful super lightweight earpieces. Yeah, they are pretty identical to those with the Dunmer but if you ask me I loved the blueish Aurora-like faceplates that add a sparkle to the already beautiful looks of the pair. They come bundled with a 4-core cable with gunmetal colored connectors and a termination plug that is again identical to what we get with the Dunmer. Though the cable with Dunmer is actually an 8-core and has a chrome finish on the connectors and termination plug. Overall in terms of build quality, I found the pair to be a better-looking one as compared to the 120$ Dunmer.

Tipsy Blue Aurora-2
Tipsy Blue Aurora-3

Even with identical looks, the earpieces are actually a little bit smaller as compared to the Dunmer earpieces and provide a better fit. They seal the ear canal completely providing proper noise isolation while maintaining good comfort.

Powering the Tipsy Blue Aurora:-

The Blue Aurora is an easy to drive pair, it has a sensitivity rating of 105dB/mW at a 16-ohm load. It can be driven easily off your smartphones, but I always suggest using a portable Hi-res player for smooth decoding and quality sound output.

Sound Quality:-

Tipsy Blue Aurora-4

The Tipsy Blue Aurora has a mid-centric sound signature that is mainly focused on vocal response. The pair produce some brilliant vocals with rich detailing and clarity. Apart from the excellent mid-frequencies, the pair sounds quite dull in the lower end. The bass response is quite slow and not deep at all. I mean it might sound boring to some people who prefer some groovy thumps in their music. When it comes to the high frequencies, the treble portion shows good detailing. But again here the pair suffers an early roll-off in the upper treble that takes away some of the extensions from the pair. The pair doesn’t sound veiled or dark at all, it has a smooth non-fatiguing signature with superb lush vocals.

Lower End:-

I am not particularly a bass head but I love some punch, some quick precise thumps in my music. It adds life to my music(personal preference of course), but with the Blue Aurora, I miss that feeling. The lower end doesn’t leave any impression at all, it just feels completely bland and boring in the bass region. The sub-bass region is the same, with not much feel to the rumble even in bass heavy tracks.

Mid Frequencies:-

This is where the pair marks its territory. It produces some really beautiful full-bodied vocals. The mid-frequencies are represented in such a manner that they actually make the output thick and lush. I personally love listening to some Indian music especially MTV Unplugged sessions, the pair excels in this territory with its beautiful vocals and rich acoustic instrument detailing.


The Blue Aurora produces some decent details in the lower-treble portion but it suffers roll-off early in the upper treble portion. This on one hand makes the output smooth, non-fatiguing, and sibilance free. On the other hand, it takes away the bright sparkly touch to the output that I personally prefer.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

The Tipsy Blue Aurora excels in the soundstage department too. It produces an excellent soundstage with adequate width and depth. I tested Binaural tracks by Yosi Horikawa and they are greeted with a good enough soundstage on the Blue Aurora. In terms of imaging capabilities, I feel the pair do just fine. Nothing exceptional here.

Tipsy Blue Aurora-5

Final Verdict:-

I really love how beautifully the earpieces are crafted in the Blue Aurora, but it is very saddening to know the signature is not for me. I mean I would have loved some extra punch in the lower end. Apart from that, If you are looking to buy a pair with beautiful vocals and acoustic detailing, the Blue Aurora will surely serve you well.

Final Scores
  • 8/10
    Build Quality - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Bass - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Mids - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Highs - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Soundstage & Imaging - 7/10