April 19, 2021

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Tipsy Dunmer Review: Single-DD Budget IEM

Tipsy Dunmer-9

Tipsy is a fairly new name in the industry, they manufacture some beautiful looking pair of in-ear monitors. The brand seems to be focused primarily on the budget segment. I have got two of their famous pairs for the purpose of review, the Tipsy Dunmer and the Tipsy Blue Aurora. Today, I am gonna share my review for the Tipsy Dunmer, their single dynamic driver IEM offering available for just 120$ from linsoul.com.

Tipsy Dunmer-1


I got the Tipsy Dunmer unit as a review sample unit from a review circle organized by Tipsy in my country. I received only the pair with its cable and a few pairs of ear tips. The review is based on my own personal experience with the pair. I am not affiliated or paid by anyone to write positive or negative about the Dunmer.

Tipsy Dunmer:-

The Tipsy Dunmer is a beautiful pair with hand-crafted premium ear shells with superb looking faceplates. The pair features a single Dynamic Driver on both sides presenting a punchy sound output.. I personally love single DD IEMs, my personal favorites are Moondrop Starfields, Etymotic ER2XR, Tin HiFi T2 Plus. All these are from similar budget segments like the Tipsy Dunmer, let’s see how well the Dunmer actually performs.

Tipsy Dunmer-2

Build Quality & Fit:-

Tipsy designs its products quite beautifully and the Dunmer is no exception here. The pair has beautiful hand-crafted earpieces with finely textured faceplates. The inner cavity catches your fingerprints with its shiny lustrous finish. They look simply exceptional, beautiful, and premium. The pair comes with a simple 8-core cable with black shielding on it. The connectors, Y-splitter, and termination plug are of quite good quality. In terms of build quality, I have no complaints with the Tipsy Dunmer.

Tipsy Dunmer-3
Tipsy Dunmer-6
Tipsy Dunmer-7

Regarding the fit, I got a properly sealed fit for me with the pair. It was comfortable and sit firmly into my ears without any trouble for long listening sessions.

Powering The Tipsy Dunmer:-

The Tipsy Dunmer is not a demanding pair, it can be powered easily with smartphones too. I tested the pair with my Honor View 10 and found no lack of power. But using the pair with a HiFi DAP like the iBasso DX120 surely gives an ultimate experience.

Sound Quality:-

Tipsy Dunmer-4

The Tipsy Dunmer presents a smooth non-fatiguing sound output with a V-shaped sound signature. I personally feel it has more emphasis on the lower end as compared to the other frequencies, bass sometimes bleeds into mids too in heavy bass tracks. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound pretty crisp and detailed. The high-frequencies are reproduced in a smooth presentation. Overall it is a fun-sounding pair with decent detail retrieval and interesting bass in the output. It holds a good sense of energy and liveliness in the output.

Lower End:-

The lower end instantly catches the attention with its powerful sub-bass rumble and mid-bass slams. The bass feels punchy, fast, tight, and leaves a lasting impression. It makes the output energetic and lively. It complements Hip-Hop, EDM music and will satisfy the bass hunger of many, but it also leaks some of the lower ends into mids in bass-heavy tracks like Bad Guy By Billie Eilish.


Mids are recessed and are presented in a crisp manner. The detailing of acoustic instruments, vocal clarity is top-notch. Listening to live-recordings, vocal artists like Damien Rice, Rock artists like Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers is a pure bliss with the pair. Love the clarity of mid-frequencies here.


The Tipsy Dunmer presents the treble frequencies in a super smooth manner. Instruments like Violins, Electric guitars sound pretty smooth even at high volumes. But the pair also suffers roll-off in the ultra-high frequencies which take away some of the extensions that might be there but it also makes the output non-fatiguing. The pair retrieves good details from my music.

Tipsy Dunmer-5

Soundstage & Separation:-

The soundstage is above average in the Dunmer. I mean it’s just adequate, it’s neither super-wide nor narrow. It feels just adequately wide and high for a fun listening experience. With decent detailing, the pair also provides decent instrument separation.

Final verdict:-

Tipsy Dunmer-8

In my opinion, the Tipsy Dunmer is a fun pair with elevated bass, powerful sub-bass rumble, crisp vocals, and smooth treble frequencies. It will definitely satisfy the bass hunger for the users. If you are looking for a simple-sounding pair with decent detail retrieval, the Tipsy Dunmer might suit your needs.

Final Scores
  • 8/10
    Build Quality - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Bass - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Mids - 7/10
  • 7.5/10
    Highs - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Soundstage & Imaging - 7/10