April 19, 2021

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TRN Announces BA15: A Flagship IEM With 15BA Drivers

TRN BA15-7

TRN is a well-known brand when it comes to entry-level budget earphones. They have many famous products such as the TRN V80, and V90. Both of these feature hybrid driver setup and have got many positive feedbacks on international audio forums. For the past few days, TRN has been teasing its latest upcoming flagship pair of IEMs on social platforms, the TRN BA15. Pre-orders for the TRN BA15 went live yesterday on multiple online stores such as HiFiGo, and more.

TRN BA15-1

Key Features:-

>Multi-BA Driver Configuration(15 BA units for each channel).

TRN BA15-2

The TRN BA15 boasts a powerful driver configuration of 15 Balanced Armature drivers for each channel. They have opted for seven 30095 BA units for a smooth, detailed treble frequency response, four 50060 and three 60040 BA units for outstandingly smooth mid-frequency response, and a single 22955 BA unit for impactful bass response.

TRN BA15-3

>Three-way Electronic Crossover.

The drivers are arranged in a three-way electronic crossover design with premium components on the audio circuitry. It allows the BA drivers to work flawlessly in sync with each other.

TRn BA15-4

>Advanced Waveguide Acoustic Technology.

TRN has featured an advanced Waveguide technology in its flagship BA15 IEMs. It allows for precise and accurate detail retrieval and lets the drivers achieve their best performance with ultra-low distortion in the output.

TRN BA15-5

>Aerospace-Grade Magnesium Alloy Ear Shells.

The earpieces in TRN BA15 feature the excellent craftsmanship of the engineers at TRN. They are made using a high-precision CNC machining process. Subsequently, the housings are carefully hand-polished and matched before going through sandblasting and anodization. This complex yet time-consuming process ensures a masculine, robust outer shell that is also elegant and beautiful to look at.

TRN BA15-6

>Silver-Plated OCC Copper Cable.

The TRN BA15 comes bundled with a 16-core silver-plated OCC copper cable that has swappable termination plugs. It is a 240-strand Litz braided cable that allows the BA15 to deliver a dynamic and true-to-life sound reproduction. The package includes 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced, and 2.5mm balanced termination plugs.

>True Hi-Resolution Sound:-

With an arsenal of 15 BA drivers per channel, the pair recreates every minute detail in our music with utmost precision and clarity.

>Easily Driven:-

TRN BA15 utilizes multiple balanced armature drivers with high-sensitivity. The pair has got an impedance rating of 30Ω with 100dB/mW sensitivity. It can easily be driven with smartphones. Though using a high-resolution player is recommended for the best experience.

TRN BA15-7

Technical Specs:-

>Impedance: 30Ω.

>Sensitivity: 100dB/mW.

>Frequency Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>2-Pin Connectors.

Price & Color Options:-

The TRN BA15 has a price tag of 245$. It is available in two different color options, Diamond Silver and Meteorite Red. I liked both the color options. It is available on pre-order from HiFiGo.