August 3, 2020

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TY Hi-Z 150:-Transparent yet Restricted!

TY Hi-Z is a very famous Chi-Fi earbuds brand and TY Hi-Z 150 is an amazing pair of earbuds with impedance of 150ohms.

I have many pairs of earbuds but I always wanted to try out one from TY Hi-Z so I went ahead and bought one from a friend.

So let’s see how good this pair is.

Pair of buds with Sources

Disclaimer:- We got this product from a friend so we won’t be able to tell you how is the packaging of this earbud as what we got is a small cardboard box with three pairs of foams, so our review will be purely based on the sound quality only.

Sources Used:-

For this review, we used Fiio M6, Acmee Mf-01 Dap’s as source and also a Nobsound TDA 1387 Dac/Amp.

Design and Build Quality:-

Design-wise these are very simple looking pair of earbuds, with MX500 style shells.

These are completely black in color, the shells, the front speaker covering and even the braided wire which terminates at a 3.5mm plug.

Pair of Earbuds

The MX500 shells of earbuds have TY Hi-Z branding logo at their back.

Build Quality of the pair is good, though the shells are made up of plastic it does not feels cheap.

Wire is normal braided one Y-split style terminating at a 3.5mm plug.

MX500 shells fit us very nicely with no issues whatsoever, and this one is also not an exception.

The fit is really good and we don’t even feel this when we put the pair in our ears.

Fit is amazing

Technical Specs:-

The technical specs of TY Hi-Z 150 is as follows:-

  • 15.4mm Driver Unit
  • 150 Ohms Impedance
  • 10hz-25Khz Frequency Response
  • Senstivity:-105dB

Sound Quality:-

This, to be honest, is the most important part of an audio device, it should perform well in the sound quality department.

And the TY Hi-Z 150 performs well in this department, but don’t expect just too much.

Pair will need good amplification to shine properly we have to pump up the volume on our Fiio M6 for it.

This is a slight V shape sound signature bud with good details in the mids section.

TY Hi-Z 150

Even though we are talking about a pair of earbuds here, the bass is quite good as compared to our other buds that we tested before.

Here is sound quality as per different parts of the sound frequency range:-


The lower end of this pair of earbuds has good depths, but since it is a pair of earbuds don’t expect IEM’s level of lower end here.

But it performs well, the drum beats on Digital Bath by Deftones were always on point, never got delayed.

You will notice that despite the depths, the bass is quick and tight, what we felt is that it roll’s off quickly.

If you are a basshead, this won’t disappoint you as long as you are self-aware that you won’t be able to get IEM level bass from here.


This is something where this pair shines with all its might.

Mids are quite clear, vocals are very clear, I really love listening to Momina Mustehan in Afreen Afreen in Coke Studio.

Whether it be male vocals or female vocals, the voice is rendered perfectly with good details.

While different musical instruments are rendered nicely too.


The treble portion got good extensions and no sibilance at all.

Treble feels quite transparent with no harshness whatsoever, instruments are rendered nicely.

Listening to Acoustic songs by Boyce Avenue feels really good, where you can easily feel the strings of his guitar moving air around it.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

Now, this is something where we don’t like this pair of earbuds much.

The soundstage of the pair feels restricted, it is not too small but yeah it is smaller than our other pair of 150 ohms earbuds, the HE 150 PRO.

Yes we know it’s an open back pair but we just feel the sound stage is restricted here.

TY Hi-Z 150

Even though the soundstage feels restricted the instrument separation of this pair is quite good, one can easily differentiate different instrument’s placements or what is being played easily, thanks to good clarity and details.

Noise Isolation:-

Even though this is a pair of earbuds, noise isolation is quite good, just don’t expect noise isolation that of closed-back IEM’s and you will be good.

At safe volumes, you will easily be able to listen to what the other person sitting next to you is saying to you.

You can try pumping up the volume to dangerous levels to isolate yourself from the surroundings though.

But there is no noise leakage or sound leakage to your surroundings, you can simply enjoy your music without the next person knowing what you are listening to.

Final Verdict:-

We can say this is an amazing pair of earbuds with good transparency and details.

There is good extension in treble, good punch in the bass and amazing clarity in the mids section.

TY Hi-Z 150

And all this is priced at hardly 20$ at aliexpress at the time of this review.

If you are looking for a decent pair of earbuds at around 20$ then you can try this out, you won’t get disappointed 🙂

Thank You

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