July 24, 2021

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xDuoo TA-26: Latest Tube Headphone Amplifier

xDuoo TA26-3

xDuoo is one of the only few China-based HiFi audio equipment manufacturing brands that need no introduction. They have a high ground in the industry with their class-leading products both in the desktop as well as portable categories. Today, xDuoo has released its brand-new headphone amplifier in the famous “TA” series of tube and tube hybrid amplifiers, meet the all-new xDuoo TA-26. It is their latest generation desktop headphone amplifier bringing us the magic of tubes. It has two tubes, one in the pre-amp stage, and the other in the buffer stage. Like their other products, xDuoo has designed the latest TA-26 with high-quality components to ensure unmatched performance. With all these glitters of high-quality performance, the TA-26 is available at an attractive price of just 319$.

xDuoo TA26-1

Key Features:-

Warm, Musical Tonality With High-Performance Tube in Pre-Amp Stage:-

xDuoo TA-26 features a high-performance 6N8P tube for the pre-amp stage. It adds a warm, musical touch to vocals in our music that makes it engaging and smooth. Making the output lovely and interesting.

Powerful Tube Buffer For A Soft Touch:-

With a high-performance 6N5P tube in the buffer stage, the xDuoo TA-26 adds a smooth touch to the output. Some might say it sounds a little bit colored, but the smooth, soft-touch with the TA-26 makes the output more musical and charming.

Pre-AMP Function:-

TA-26 is not just your headphone amplifier, but you can also use it as a pre-amp via an RCA line-out port available at the back of the device. It also supports volume controlled by the volume wheel on the TA-26, feel free to pair your active speakers with the TA-26 and enjoy a smooth, charming sound.

High-Quality Aluminum Alloy Chassis:-

xDuoo TA-26 has a premium textured build that looks pretty solid and sturdy. It is made using high-quality aluminum alloy material with a sandblasted textured panel. This effectively reduces any external interference with the audio signal.

xDuoo TA26-2

Technical Specifications:-

>Frequency Range: 10Hz~30kHz.

>Gain: +16dB.

>SNR: 110dB.

>THD+N: 0.1%.

>Suitable Headphone Impedance: 60 ohm~600 ohm.

>Output Power: 500mW(600/300ohm load).

>Power Supply: AC100~120V/220~240V.

>Size: 25x11x16cm.

>Weight: 3.9Kg.

>Price: 319$.

News Source:-

HiFiGo. You can buy it from their store here.